Friday, October 9, 2009


Wondering why I’m here after a long quit from the blogging world? Well, There’s a lot of things happened in my daily life recently, but I’m in bloody busy life and force to temporary quit this world.

This post might be slightly different from those previous one…I’m doing so not because I’m changing my blogging style but the incident trigger me to do so. I’ll try to use as few STARS as I could.Sorry if this post bring you any uncomfortable feelings either mentally or physically as well…(I trust that my words won’t be so powerful)Let’s have a short preview before the harsh one begin…

Again, having PBL session at boring and hot Friday afternoon. There’s slightly different from from the previous session that’s I’m having the session at 11 which is normally at 2.30pm…(WELL…This is not the important part………………………….FAST FORWARD…………………………………….)

I got a shock when look at the open shelves on the library that i previously nicely place my bag there.OMG, my bag is missing, don’t even seen the shadow of it…sad…I really couldn’t react to it because I’m going to having short quiz for PBL and it’s already run out of time… Accompanied by Janice , Aili and Jane, going back to library though the possibility of getting back the bag is approaches zero…. As what I think, the angel is having hectic life as me and there is no miracle.

May I know who is the super duper f*cker that took my bag…Please la…You are bloody IDIOT STUPID S*CKER F*CKER…!!!The bag is neither a branded one nor contain any jewelleries inside!!! There’s just my bulkier notes and some personal stuff… It doesn’t mean anything to you…it’ll do for me only…because it’s my 21st birthday present , It’s not the normal that I bought for me myself, It’s full of wishes from 13 of my friends…and You may not realise that you’re taking my another birthday present which is an umbrella that never expose to sunlight and even one drops of water. WTH are you doing there?? I guess I’m not the only one victim and this is also not the first time you are being f*cked. Are you born to F*CK by others? Bloody idiot.F*CK OFF. Could you bring the bag after you get it? Well, I’m looking forward for it!!! But I guess you the just the pussy ,sissy one and this is what a man without balls will do…

Feeling better after a belch of vulgar words…Sorry jika rancangan ini menimbulkan perasaan yang tidak menyenangkan…Hoping that It’s not too late to apologize as what One Republic sang in the history…


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Once again, body of the blogger was engulf by various kinds of microorganisms which are lazy in constituents. Padan Muka dia!!! Berlagak because of bring an extra recycle bag only for his notes rather than being casual smart and free hands while on the way back to his happy hometown….

Together with Alvin, Pei Pei and Rabbit, here we go, catch a movie, definitely a best choice after the rising sun rest. The chosen one’s name A PERFECT GETAWAY. I never expect something extra from the movie but it do, not too much but it’s enough to full-fill my needs. Damn Nice. Overall, I would like to rank this movie as a best “dessert” at mid of this September after the main course which are “ORPHAN”, “THE FINAL DESTINATION 4” and “UP”. It’s aren't rest in pieces in “THE FINAL DESTINATION 4” nor scary and bloody scene in “ORPHAN”. It’s rather soft than the latter that I did mentioned. The story line of the movie is a quite INTERESTING yet a bit deep for me (because not understand one scene of the movie.)Perfect-getaway

From beginning, the sweet moments by the newlywed head to the tropical islands of Hawaii (nice view, love the waterfalls and scenic mountainsides), the suspicious murder couple which first raises my blood pressure and to the climax which further raises it to hypertension state…. The further the foursome walk together, the more delicate the balance of trust and suspicion becomes.I think every one will gain these series of effect too if you step into the cinema for this movie. You will never guess the secret behind the movie …..


foursome walk together

From the left Cydney, Gina, Nick, Cliff



The sweet newlywed (Cliff and Cydney)


Another couple (Nick and Gina)

Nick earns the newlywed’s trust by helping them navigate a particularly treacherous mountain. Why are him so helpful? Is helpful really underneath his wild look?


Is Gina trying to run away from the murder? or holding the knife and breakthrough someone’s heart?


The wild Nick are bloody? Is him the real murder? or he’s the victims?


Delicate balance of trust and suspicion

After enjoying the movie, have to catch up the time for another dating at tomyam with H.Ling. No matter how perfect the plan, it’s still delayed by the playful heart. We are late because of busy for having some photo shooting at the top of the building……and this is so called SS911…kakaZZz..